Listed Buildings Insurance

If you own a listed building or are thinking of buying one, it’s essential that you protect it with a stringent insurance policy. Because of the higher rebuild costs associated with listed properties, you’ll need to get cover from a specialist provider.

Luckily, getting quotes from specialist providers is now easier than ever. Before you get your tailored quotes, you might want to read through the information on this page so you make the most informed decision.

Why do listed buildings cost more to insure?

Listed buildings cost more to insure because a) they come with more responsibility, and b) the rebuild costs are usually much higher. When you purchase a listed property, you take on the responsibility of keeping it in good condition. You also take responsibility for any unauthorised work that was carried out by previous owners.

When you take into account the high rebuild costs then it’s easy to see why listed properties cost more to get insured. By getting your cover from a specialist provider, you’re able to ensure you’re getting a fair price that’s suited to the particular property you own (or are interested in).

How can I save money?

Below are some very reliable ways to save money on listed property insurance –

  • Get a chimney inspection – Chimneys often pose a big threat to listed properties so having an inspection carried out will let insurance providers know that the risk of fire is much less.
  • Get the property surveyed – A survey is a must when you’re considering a listed property, particularly since you’ll be liable for any unreported changes that have been made. A survey will also let you know what level of restoration, if any, is required.
  • Get multiple quotes – Getting multiple quotes is a must when you’re looking for listed buildings insurance since the prices you’re quoted can vary greatly.

The benefits of getting quotes online

  • Fair prices from a panel of specialists
  • All types of listed properties covered
  • Any type of cover
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Payment by debit or credit card
  • Full support

Get quotes the easy way

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